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TacklePRO Fishing Hooks: 45° Beak Hook #3/0 25pc


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Fishing Hooks are the most important piece of equipment when it comes to catching more fish as any keen angler will tell you.  When fishing on a budget its perfectly conceivable to think about cheaper rods and reels,  you might even get away with thinking about cheaper line and tackle, but never compromise on the quality of your hooks if you want to have any semblance of success in your fishing.

All fishing hooks are not created equally

So what must you think about when it comes to finding the right hooks?  That’s a really good question and the answer boils down to what you are looking to catch.  Smaller hooks, while harder to see for the fish, can be swallowed by larger fish resulting in gut hooking and can also be prone to falling out of the fish’s mouth. Larger hooks can be easily seen by the fish so disguising the hook becomes important if the fish is to take your bait. Here you could consider combining with a good lure as the solution.

Whatever you decide to go for – compromise on size and gauge will always be needed, that’s all part of the fishing game. However, when you buy TacklePRO hooks & tackle you can rest assured that those are the only compromises you’ll have to make because you wont be compromising on quality


  • Beak Hook – 45°
  • Size : #3/0
  • Hook Gap : 13mm
  • Offset Bend
  • Pack Size – 25 pieces
  • Sku: PM602030

TacklePRO – NZ’s #1 brand for all your fishing needs.  These products are designed for the NZ fishing community and made from the finest materials so you can be assured the quality of your fishing tackle is guaranteed.  Our promise to you is not to be the cheapest, but to bring you the right products, at the right price so you can focus on catching more fish.